• Fire Starters: This is the intercessory prayer ministry of C.A.C.C that participates in corporate prayer for our pastor, his family, our membership, our community and other specific prayer requests.
  • Christian Education: This is the teaching ministry of C.A.C.C that is focused on spiritual and secular development from a Christ-Centered worldview.
  • Shepherds Care: This is the support ministry of C.A.C.C that ensures the natural support of our pastor and his family in keeping with biblical expectations.
  • Stewardship: This is the financial ministry of C.A.C.C that receives and records all financial donations, expenditures and reports on behalf of the ministry as well as it’s donors.
  • Congregational Care: This is the member services ministry of C.A.C.C that exists to serve and support in emotional, mental, spiritual and even financial concerns. This includes but is not limited to benevolence, clinical counseling or pastoral counseling.
  • Acts of Service: This is the community oriented ministry of C.A.C.C that centers on providing service, donations and other support to community members or organizations with a demonstrated need.
  • Evangelism: This is the kingdom advancement ministry of C.A.C.C that is focused on publishing and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ so that new converts can be won to our faith and existing converts of our faith, strengthened.