Pastor C.J. Hoyle & Lady Shawnetta Hoyle FamilyGreetings and bless the King my friend. On behalf of CACC, we want to express how thankful we are that the Lord and your browser has led you to our site today.

While you are here, feel free to explore and/or reach out to us using one of the options provided. Please note that, you and your family are ALWAYS invited as well as welcome at CACC during any of the events listed on our calendar. We would love to greet you and your family personally and hopefully serve you in a relevant way. If that's not possible, prayerfully this site will minister healing to every hurting area of your life. Once again you ARE welcome here and there is ALWAYS room for you at Calvary!

Yours in the service of the King,

Pastor C.J. Hoyle & Leading Lady Shawnetta Hoyle